Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reform Divorce

In the early 1970's Alabama, following the state of California's lead, changed their laws concerning divorce. Alabama became one of the first states to enacted a "No Fault" Divorce law in which it became much easier for married couples to divorce.

As no-fault divorce gained popularity, the great majority of divorces where granted on the basis of incompatibility. In 1995, the state's divorce rate was 43 percent higher than the national average.

Couples mutually agree to marry however with no-fault divorce legislation, one party can unilaterally end the marriage without consent from the other party. Prior to the passage of no-fault laws, both couples had to consent to divorce and often a judge would threaten to impose sanctions that led couples to try and work things out.

We desperately need to reform our States divorce laws to remove no-fault language. Please join with us in supporting divorce reform at www.reformdivorce.org

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  1. Yes, reform divorce laws so that children are protected from stupd adults who divorce because they are unhappy or "incompatible" or some other lame excuse.

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